2 دعامة قوية لأربطة الركبة اليمنى/اليسرى 700 للرجال/النساء- أسود

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Strong 700 knee support designed to help you return to your sport after a moderate knee sprain.

This knee support holds your knee tightly during training sessions and matches without getting in the way. Play on any terrain without worrying about your knees.

Joint support
Ligament support thanks to the reinforced sides and tightening straps

Ease of use
Easy to put on and adjust to your needs while you exercise.

User comfort
Comfortable compression knit shaped to fit your knee.

Moisture management
Airy knit for perspiration wicking to keep your knee dry.

Why wear this knee support

Wearing a knee support may be recommended if you have suffered ligament damage or you are unsure how your knees will hold up when you get back into sport (basketball, football, handball, tennis, running, trail running, gymnastics, judo, skiing) after a sprain. It is easy to put on and has airy fabric and a shape designed to suit your knee and keep you comfy.,

What is a sprain

A sprained knee is when you stretch or tear one or more ligaments in your knee the medial collateral ligament (MCL), fibular collateral ligament (LCL), the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and the posterior cruciate ligament (PCL). Sprains are not a serious problem when the ligaments are just stretched. They become fairly serious when the lateral ligaments alone are torn. Serious sprains are those when one of the cruciate and/or lateral ligaments is torn completely

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15 اراء الزبائن
Performs miracles*
* - Well, for me anyway. Had a bad knee for weeks and tried different things. Wore this and it literally helped massively within a few days! My knee jenuflects in gratitude. Highly recommend
Although this item is sturdy and supportive, the back is completely 'closed' which means that the fabric bunches uncomfortably in the crease behind the knee. This is not too bad if walking, when the knee joint doesn't flex a great deal, but is unsuitable for other activities such as bowling, and I would NOT consider wearing it for cycling - it would simply be too painful. My advice would be to look for a support with an open back to allow the knee to flex comfortably.
Bought this on the reviews. I must say it was money well spent. I have a problem with knee strain which I acquired whilst working. Within 2 days of putting this on, I felt very comfortable, even the swollen knee has reduced. You can take the side supports out so you can where loose jeans on top. Very comfortable would bye again.
Hurts my lower knee
Doesn’t help instability at all, hurts my knee after using for a few hours
Great knee support
Felt well supported and more stable during training with this support on. My injury recovery was quicker than expected!