كرة سلة فوم صغيرة ك.100 للأطفال مقاس 1 (حتى 4 سنوات)، أرجواني

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K100 basketball designed for playing indoors with a mini basket. For children and adults. In foam.

This mini size 1 basketball is perfect for playing on a mini hoop inside the house. The foam is soft so it won't hurt.

ball touch
Foam helps children easily learn to catch a ball.

Should you take your kids to basketball lessons

Basketball is one of those sports that kids can learn from a very young age with smaller balls and adjustable hoops.You can even take them to special basketball lessons with child-friendly rules from the age of 3-4.This helps them develop their motor skills by learning not only the right technique but also working as a team.Basketball also develops muscles, flexibility, speed, endurance and team spirit.,

What ball should you use

The ball size depends on the player's age and gender.Size 1 Ages 3 and upSize 3 Girls and boys ages 4 to 6Size 5 Boys ages 7 to 11 / Girls ages 7 to 13Size 6 Boys ages 12 to 13 / Girls/Women ages 14 and upSize 7 Boys/Men ages 14 and upIf you want a very durable ball, go for a rubber ball. If you're looking for a ball with a good ball feel, choose a leather or synthetic ball.,

What heigh

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