Tennis Dampener Custom Damp Aero - Black/Yellow

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Designed for intermediate and advanced players wanting to dampen string vibrations and personalise their equipment.

The Babolat Custom Damp Aero dampener filters your racket's vibrations during play. It can be customised according to the desired degree of vibration dampening.

Vibration dampening
Reduces string vibration.

Ease of use
The dampener is very simple to fit onto your strings.

Elastomer is hard-wearing and long-lasting.

It can be personalised, with or without its capsule containing steel balls.


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1 Customer Reviews
£4.99 very well spent!
Last summer I bought a Babolat Pure Aero racket for £160. Disappointingly, I really didn't get on with it - it seemed to be rigid and unforgiving - I assumed it was strung too tight for me. I had always played with Wilsons in the past and thought it must be a Babolat thing. Anyway before I put the racket on Ebay I thought I would give these dampeners a go. I have only used the one with the plastic middle for maximum vibration dampening but it has changed the feel of the racket massively and for the good. I have regained control of the racket for all shots and really like playing with it now. Shame about lockdown 2 shutting my local courts but I look forward to resuming before Christmas I hope.