Camping Lamp - BL50 Dynamo Rechargeable - 50 Lumens, Red

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Our team of campers created this BL50 DYNAMO lamp to comfortably light up two people. Can be used outdoors, under tents, in campsites and bivouacs.

Our motivation? Ensure you are never in the dark thanks to this lamp that can be recharged by USB. If the battery is empty, a backup dynamo system enables you to use it.

3 modes: 10 lumens (red) - 25 lumens - 50 lumens |آ Lights up 1 or 2 people

5h at 50 Lum |آ 11h at 25 Lum | 6h at 10 Lum | Rechargeable by USB or by Dynamo

Ease of use
Easy to hang with integrated hook | Change of mode by pressing a single button

Compact design
Very compact |آ This lamp measures 9.8 cm high and 9 cm diameter

IPX4 rated lamp: withstands rain in all conditions



500 milliamps battery.The lamp battery is rechargeable thanks to its micro-USB port. You can recharge it with an electrical plug, a cigarette lighter plug or any standard USB plug (including solar panel).The micro USB charging cable is sold with the lamp. However, this is not the case with the AC adapter, but you can for example use the one from your smartphone charger.,


It takes 3 hours min to fully recharge the battery on a 220V mains plug. A red LED shows when charging starts, a green LED shows when charging ends.For the dynamo system turn the dynamo one minute for 4 minutes of light.A circuit breaker protects the battery from over-charging.,


For your visual comfort, this lamp has an electronic intensity regulation system. This means that the intensity of the light remains the same no matter what the rema

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15 Customer Reviews
Great product
Not only is it great for illuminating your tent without being overly bright, I keep this in my car for those little emergencies. The size means it can get right into nooks & crannies when needing to change a head lamp for example on the motorway
Awesome little light
Perfect light for a tent, also good for walking at night as lights up where you walk much better than a torch.
works great for camping
Well designed, the low brightness level works well inside my 2 man hiking tent, while the high level works well outdoors. The red light is good if I wake up at night and need light without disturbing the other occupant of my tent, or to locate my tent from a distance when I'm outside. It has lasted for a 3 day camping trip without needing a charge, and the USB charging port means I can reuse my phone's charger to charge this lamp. The handle hooks perfectly onto the inside (top) of the tent, and can also be used to hang it from a nearby tree when outdoors. I love the hand crank, as it means I always have a dependable backup light in case my torches fail on a camping trip.
Camping lamp
Excellent product, charge via USB and it holds a long charge. If you run out of charge and need for for a short time can use the wind up function highly recommend. Bright enough for any tent at night. Also red light function to use as a night light
Jestem bardzo zadowolona ładuje przed wyjazdem i spokojnie wystarcza na cztery noce.