بيت خالتي | أحمد خيري العامري

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From afar, we see things clearer, and thus, the characters of the novel understood more about Syria and Damascus while she was in Berlin than she did while she was inside Syria.... Anas Khaznaji, a young documentary filmmaker who hides a deep secret, Nour Najjar is his assistant, who seems to know more than she should, Anas Al-Ghanim is a psychiatrist. The search for the “truth of the secret�? made him reconsider everything..three personalities belong to a certain social class in Damascus, but the trip between Damascus and Berlin makes her discover all of Syria anew..
Syria has been at the forefront of the news for many years. , This account is not about this news, but about what is behind the news, about what happens between the lines of the news..about the reasons why this news came to the fore....about people who look like us - and not just numbers in news and media reports.
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بيت خالتي | أحمد خيري العامري
بيت خالتي | أحمد خيري العامري
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