طبيب أريا�? | محمد المنسي قنديل

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This novel is a new experience in writing about the hidden world of the Egyptian countryside, and an attempt to penetrate the primitive crust that surrounds it, which has accumulated over thousands of years, through the story of a young rural doctor who is exposed to a harsh experience at the beginning of his life and begins a new journey to an isolated village in Upper Egypt.

There he suffers from loneliness before finding himself immersed in the daily life of a small village on the edge of the desert. He falls in love with the nurse but there is a surprise waiting for him.

“A rural doctor�? is the experience of a doctor who discovers that primitive laws still prevail, and that there is an absolute authority that relies on them and derives its strength from distant roots. It is a novel about love, desire and despair, about a village that reduces the world, in which humans, gypsies, and ruling forces struggle, and its hidden memory is filled with the layers of accumulated Egyptian time.
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