كتاب الهيلثي | د.نورهان قنديل

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This book is not about weight loss, but it will help you lose weight if you want to do this. It is not a diet book, but it will take your hands and tell you the philosophy and idea of ​​the diet and how it works so that you can deal with your body.

This book is not about healthy eating, but about a healthy, healthy and beautiful life. You will not find advice in it, but after you read it, you will find yourself alone. You know how to calculate and understand everything you do with your body, every food you eat and every breath you breathe, how it is beneficial and in your favor. .

A simple and easy book with important knowledge and inspiring stories that will make it easier for you to live a happy life without tiring yourself with prescriptions, systems, and medicines.
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كتاب الهيلثي | د.نورهان قنديل
كتاب الهيلثي | د.نورهان قنديل
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