مكتبة منتص�? الليل | مات هيغ

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Between life and death there is a library, and in that library, the shelves stretch endlessly. Each book offers an opportunity to experience another life. To explore what might happen after you make other decisions... If you had the chance to step back and erase your regret, would you change anything?�?
When Nora Seid found herself in the midnight library, she had another chance to right her wrongs. Her life is full of misery and regret.She feels that she has failed everyone around her, as well as herself.But things are about to turn.
The books in the midnight library have enabled Nora to live a new life, as if she had made different decisions. With the help of an old friend, she can now erase all her mistakes and reach her perfect life. But the story doesn't end as she expected, and soon Noura's decisions will put herself and the library in great danger.
Before it's too late, Nora must answer the eternal question: What's the best way to live?
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مكتبة منتص�? الليل | مات هيغ
مكتبة منتص�? الليل | مات هيغ
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