1-Bike Transport Cover

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This cover protects your bike during transport: trains, buses, cars.

This cover is very compact. It is sold with a transport bag. .

Compatible with road bikes and MTBs (except for sizes 27.5+ and 29).

Adjustable straps.Storage bag for the cover.1 storage pouch.

Ease of use
Large zipped opening; storage pocket for wheel axles.

Highlights & Specifications


1-Bike Transport Cover
1-Bike Transport Cover

Unfolded Dimensions

Width 1350 Mmheight 850 Mmdepth 270 Mm

Dimensions When Folded Inside Storage Cover

Width 380Mmheight 330Mmdepth 120Mm


Outer Fabric,Polyester: 100%
Lining,Polyamide: 100%

Color No Color
16 Customer Reviews
Light transport bag
Used to air transport on holidays. Packed the bike with cardboard sheets and bubble wraps. Bike remained safe and had a great holidays.
Good bag. Only downsides you have to slide a plate across the bottom of the bag which is an arse. Plus the rock hopper St you have to remove the handle bars to get it to fit.
Ideal for transporting my road bike!
Good quality and looks ideal for transporting my road bike. I have a large framed, 58cm, road bike and it fits just about well, recommend lowering the seat post and possibly adjusting the handlebars. You will also need to source packaging form etc, as the cover does not include any to ensure your pride and joy arrives scratch-free, but all the DIY stores offer good options.
No good for larger road bikes with mudguards etc
The photo was totally misleading... even with both wheels and the saddle removed and handlebars turned we just could just not get our sons racing sports bike into this bag... gave up ,repacked it and taking it back first thing
Good enough!
I've been using this bag for a couple of years flying with my mountain bike. Safe so far. Amazing value. It's an exceptionally well designed bag, considering it's low cost. Cool features: - It has a folding hard bottom - more protection. - Round plastic pins make it actually rollable! - Pockets for wheels with fixation. Put a wheel it and strap it with a velcro - no movement. Will protect the frame from the sides. I put some extra protection on the frame and forks - pipe insulators from a hardware store work best. I also recommend buying wheel bags and using them together - more protection and tidier. The only drawback compared to bags costing £250-300 - lack of the hard bottom - as mentioned above, it's folding. Its shapelessness makes it hard to leave it standing, for example on an airport bag trolley. But you can replace this with some DIY.