Filofax A5 Classic White Bullet Journal Notebook Refill

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A customizable Dotted Journal refill to add and reposition in your Filofax Notebook. Premium cream colored dotted pages provide plenty of space for writing personal thoughts, jotting down ideas, sketching, daily planning, field notes, poetry, or a blank slate for anything else you can dream up. Pages of the notebook refill are made with a thick and high quality paper which is 30% post-consumer recycled and as all pages of Filofax notebooks, the pages can easily be removed and repositioned. It’s time to replace pages for your refillable journal with a new ones, so that you can keep writing!

  • 32 premium cream colored doted pages provide plenty of space for personal reflection, creative writing, sketching, or jotting down favorite quotations or poems
  • The unique and clever construction allows the premium pages to be easily added, removed or repositioned. Pages can be repositioned to suit personal needs
  • The A5 paper pages will fit perfectly into your Filofax journal and the edges of the notebook refill will not overhang the journal cover
  • The installation is very simple and easy, so it won’t take time
  • You can immediately start writing down your thought and observations
  • The doted pages will be very practical and helpful
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