Kitten Catfe Meowble Yarn Ball Season 1 Assorted (Includes 1)

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Welcome to the Kitten Catfé an aspirational world where we serve up catinspired surprises that will delight girls who love dolls and collectibles. Order up your favorite drink and you may find an adorable feline hiding in a delicious beverage or a furry friend curled up in a ball of yarn! So meowy surprises to findcollect them all! Kitten Catfe Meowble Yarn Ball Series 1 has an assortment of 24 Meowble cat ball charms hidden in a ball of yarn.

- Comes in a small plastic tea cup with lid.
- Thread fabric yarn through meowble to create an adorable bracelet.
- 24 different colored meowble kittens - Collect them all!
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