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Without faith I could not have been as great and powerful as I am today. I am a Muslim and my name is Muhammad Ali. The name Muhammad is more common on this earth than any other name. What he symbolizes has made me unique and above the average unfollowed black sports champion that I have in the whole world...I represent the religion and the poor people, I defend my people, sometimes I go against the government without caring what might happen to me.�?
Many white reporters called him "the hero." He found it very hypocritical, and he replied to them: "You call me 'the hero' so that you avoid calling me by my real name: Muhammad Ali!"
This is Muhammad Ali. The rebel, the naughty hero, the brave man who expressed his opinions frankly and defended his convictions boldly, risked himself and rejected authority, and acted unbelievably.
“They will talk about me in books. They will study my simplest movements and my stillness!�? How right Cassius Clay, the poor kid of Louisville, was! Today, he is Muhammad Ali, the “Greatest,�? the hero who inflamed the arenas and captivated the hearts of millions and still inspires us with strength and courage and inspires us with his wisdom and words, and this wonderful book is the best proof of that!
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