حان الوقت لإضاءة النجوم من جديد | �?يرجيني غريمالدي

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What to do when the cruelty of the world hits us? What do we do when life hurts us? What to do when the sky goes out?
How can the stars light up again? How to restore the sparkle in the eyes, and hope in the heart?
For Anna, the answer came in the form of a spontaneous journey with her family, a journey that would strengthen bonds, reveal truths, give a different view of life, allow important questions to be asked and the paths to life Happy, a life worth living.
This novel is a wonderful mixture of irony, love, encounters, and life lessons, immersing us in a unique experience of self-discovery and re-prioritization, and shows us that if we really can't go back In retrospect, we can, however, choose another path and light the stars of our lives anew.
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