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Polls always show that Danes are the happiest people in the world. What is their secret? It's heggy! An art of life based on renewed optimism every day, a non-materialistic view of the elements of happiness, and a living philosophy that calls for enjoying the pleasures of life, no matter how simple, and to creating warm and joyful moments with friends and loved ones. Destiny decides that Clara, a Danish girl, finds herself in the difficult village of Ulthorpe, which is little by little devoid of its inhabitants and shops, so she takes it upon herself to save the children's toy store, and restore hope to the people who embraced her. However, Joe, the shopkeeper's son and a big city financial manager, distrusts Clara's methods and questions her good intentions. Clara is determined to convince Joe that there is another, better side to life. Will you succeed in this challenge? Can you change the habits of a young workaholic who answers his emails at 3 in the morning? Will Joe learn to live at a slower, happier pace, and will he be inclined to introduce a heggy vibe into his life...and perhaps fall in love too?
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