Maui & Sons Cookie Skateboard Lime 22-Inch

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As always, what was once old is new again. Combining the concept of yesteryear with the superior materials of today, this retro cruiser from Maui and Sons is quick, stout and a ton of fun to ride! The Maui and Sons Cookie Board is the perfect skateboard for anyone looking to begin skating or to add another board to your collection. This little cruiser is perfect for the young skater! Thanks to PVC wheels rather than traditional urethane wheels, your child's safety is increased because their riding speed is slightly decreased. The board is super light and easy to carry making it a great and affordable first board. The Cookie Board has a PP deck, PP colored trucks, Abec-5 bearings, and a PE cushion for a smooth ride. The Cookie board should not be ridden by those over the weight of 80kg. n 1980, a young man by the name of Jeff Yokoyama (aka Yoki) founded Maui and Sons. The brand had humble island roots as a chocolate chip cookie company using a Yokoyama family recipe via Maui, Hawaii. The cookie business venture didn’t last long, and Yoki turned his attention towards designing apparel for surfing and action sports. Aggressively marketing their unique design in Southern California surf shops and local high schools, Maui and Sons broke all the rules. Everyone told them that making their logo big and placing it on the back pocket was the wrong thing to do – but they did it anyway, and it became a staple in Southern California beach culture. Mini Cruiser for Beginners. And the cookie? It wasn’t forgotten, it was melded into that Maui and Sons logo. Inside the cookie shape are elements representing earth, sea, sky and fire. It’s a celebration of the power of nature, a tribute to creative genius, and a reminder of humble island roots. Sharkman remains a staple in the art and representation of the brand. The embodiment of the core image of Maui and Sons, Sharkman has become one of the best-known global icons in the active sports industry.

  • Maui and Sons Skateboard Specifications: 22'' PP deck
  • 3.5'' PP colorful truck
  • 60x45mm PVC wheels
  • Abec-5 bearing
  • Designed in California using the inspiration of the street culture and the unique Maui and Sons style and illustration approach. PE cushion. Maui and Sons Cookie Logo
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Maui & Sons Cookie Skateboard Lime 22-Inch
Maui & Sons Cookie Skateboard Lime 22-Inch
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