Montana Colors MTN WB 100 Water Based Spray Paint 100 ml Workshop Pack (Pack of 16)

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MTN Water Based 100 is the miniature version of the revolutionary MTN Water Based 300. Montana Colors takes a step further in innovation within the aerosol world with a spray paint designed specially for beginners of the technique. Its small size, non-toxic, low odor paint, plus other convenient features, make it the perfect product for introductions into graffiti and street art.

MTN Water Based paint is the perfect tool for getting started in the spray paint technique, whether it be for spontaneous occasions, workshops or even instructional school exercises, however, always under supervision.

Apart from its size, this spray paint has all the same advantages of the Water Based family products: non-toxic, low odor paint, mixable colors and they are water-soluble before completely dry.

In addition, being such a small format, it has a lower cost, allowing you to experiment with different colors at a more affordable price.

  • Polyurethane paint (PU)
  • 100 ml
  • 16 colors set
  • Matt finish
  • Low odor
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