Unique Size Cruiser Skateboard Yamba 100 - Blue/Coral, Blue Azure

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Fast, dynamic, light cruiser that's perfect for cruising, riding and weaving around anything in your path.

This cruiser is ideal for short trips around town. Its soft wheels let you ride on any paved surface while its small size makes it easy to carry.

Short, flexible and dynamic deck but with low stability.

Ease of handling
59 mm wheels for good acceleration and manoeuvrability.

Short plastic deck with excellent flex.

Short radius, perfect for city riding.

Glide performance
Cruiser skateboard equipped with 59 mm PU 78A wheels mounted on ABEC 7 bearings.

Highlights & Specifications


Unique Size Cruiser Skateboard Yamba 100 - Blue/Coral, Blue Azure
Unique Size  Cruiser Skateboard Yamba 100 - Blue/Coral, Blue Azure

What is the Yamba for?

The Yamba is an old-school mini skateboard that's smaller than a normal skateboard and the longboard. It is designed for cruising over short distances and is quick, dynamic and light.It is ideal for getting around town and weaving through the crowds.

The Yamba cruiser deck

Polypropylene (PP) deck.Dimensions 22.63 (57.5 cm) x 5.51 (14.5 cm).

Wheels & bearings

Very good thanks to the small (59 mm diameter), 100% polyurethane wheels.These dimensions make it more dynamic and springy.Hardness 78A. Soft wheels for more comfort as you glide along.ABEC 7 bearings for excellent glide performance.s4

Trucks (to mount the wheels)

3 wide aluminium truck. 78A rubber.s5

How much does the Yamba weigh?

2.1 kg.s6

How are our products tested?

All our decks are tested in the laboratory. These tests ensure that all European standards are met for skateboard/longboard decks. Wear tests are also carried out.These laboratory tests are complemented by field tests, some measured, others relying on user perception, to put the product through the most stringent tests. The result a thoroughly proven product.


Board,Glass - Fiber: 15%,Polypropylene: 85%
Skate trucks,Polyurethane: 10%,Aluminium 6061: 90%
Skate wheels,Polyurethane: 100%
Bearing,Steel: 100%

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15 Customer Reviews
Amazing product
My seven year old loves it. Recommend for beginners
Price & quality
Price is high & low quality product
Good quality product
Must buy.
almost perfect
Well-weighted and solid
Had purchased for my daughter but we found it was suitable for adult use too. Feels and handles better than some of the wooden boards.