This Is Not A Book | Keri Smith

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This is Not a Book will engage readers in having them define all the different things a book can be: an experience, a diversion, an illusion, a private space, a public space, a game, a puzzle, and so on. Keri asks readers, 'If it is not a book, what is it then?' And gives them a kaleidoscope of answers:

This book is . . .

A secret message.

Tear this page out, write a note for a stranger, leave it in a public place.

A mystery.

Make up a fictitious story about the origin of this book. Where did it come from? How did you find it? Who does it belong to?

A recording device.

Have everyone you come in contact with today write their name here.


Draw a line. Pass the book to someone else. Ask them to add to it & pass it back. Repeat 12 times.


This page is a postcard. Cut it out and mail it to a friend.

Top secret.

Write a message in code. Hide the solution somewhere in the book.

An instrument.

Come up with as many different sounds with it as you can, (i.e. flip the pages really fast, bang on the cover.)
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This Is Not A Book | Keri Smith
This Is Not A Book | Keri Smith
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