Rotor Riot Mobile Gaming Controller

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Rotor Riot Wired Game Controller is the only Apple-certified controller that has clickable thumb sticks (L3R3)�”making it the only controller that allows you the complete console experience on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Now you can take full advantage of iOS apps for PS4 Remote Play, Steam, OneCase, Shadow, and Moonlight that stream console games to your iPhone or iPad.

- Wired connection for zero latency
- Analog left and right joysticks. Digital A, B, X, Y face buttons. Digital L1, R1 bumpers. Analog L2, R2 triggers. Digital L3, R3 clickable thumb-sticks.
- Digital D-pad. Lightning receptacle for power pass-through charging of your iOS device while you're playing
- Patent-pending Zero Gravity device holder securely attaches your iPhone or iPod touch to the controller
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Rotor Riot Mobile Gaming Controller
Rotor Riot Mobile Gaming Controller
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