مجموعة كابل ومبيت ديرايلور

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Designed for replacing your derailleur cables and housing on all types of bike

All-in-one kit for a precise drive train with a universal PTFE derailleur cable for less friction, longer durability, and better resistance.

All brands of drive trains and types of bike (Shimano, Sram and Campagnolo)

2 cables, 1 hose, and cable and hose caps

Highlights & Specifications


مجموعة كابل ومبيت ديرايلور
مجموعة كابل ومبيت ديرايلور

Technical features

2 cables1 housing (for front and rear derailleur)Cable and housing tips


Main part,Steel: 85%,Polyamide: 15%

Color No Color
7 اراء الزبائن
Quality is brilliant, but not long enough. It will give you one setup but not two. So poor value. Cannot fault finished cable but only one so a lot of waste.
Description is misleading, will not fit many bikes
The cables seem well made, but the description is VERY misleading, as I found out AFTER cutting the housing, so now I'm left with unusable and unreturnable set :-/ My fault for taking the website's description at it word and not measuring before cutting. Take care and verify this will fit you before purchasing! * The housing is shift housing (linear strands, not coil) but the external diameter is 5mm, not 4mm as most shift housing. The extra width won't fit into many housing stops and most new shifters. Make sure your shifters and bike accepts 5mm shift housing! * The rear derailleur cable is almost too short: 2m is barely enough for a 56cm bike. Shift cables are usually 2.3m or more. * The cables doesn't seem to be PTFE coated, just stainless (this is actually a good thing, as coating usually wears fast and leaves flakes inside the housing).
I never received the goods. I have not heard from anyone. I have not had refund
Inner cables ridiculously short!
First the good stuff: Excellent shifting, smooth and good quality. Up there with Jagwire, which is well over twice the price. Plenty of outer cable. Now the bad: Inner cables were ridiculously short. Just about long enough to work with the front derailleur of my (size large) frame. Way to short to use on the rear. Even with the front , I had to compromise slightly and there's insufficient cable to use a ferrule at the end of the cable. Literally nothing sticks out of the front mech. At the rear, I had the choice between shortening the cable run to an uncomfortable degree or buying another (correctly sized) cable. I chose the new cable. Why be so cheap?
Premium quality cable for btwin
The only cable set I would use other than Jagwire.