Nanoleaf Essentials Smart A60 Bulb EU/ANZ- 800Lm E27 - White

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Enjoy bright whites and endless colours with this Thread and Matter-enabled smart colour changing LED Light Bulb that's simple to set up, and easy to control.

  • MATTER-ENABLED: Create stunning backlit illumination in any room with Nanoleaf Matter-enabled smart color changing LED bulb. Enjoy interoperability with smart devices from different brands and manufacturers from one single application.
  • CUSTOMIZED SCHEDULES: Automate your lights to turn on/off at specific times and days to make your daily routines a little easier. Set your schedule using Apple Home, Google Home app or any other Matter-compatible app or voice assistant.
  • CIRCADIAN LIGHTING: With Circadian Lighting, you can set your lights to automatically adjust to the color temperature of the sun based on your timezone or manual settings. This feature helps to energize you in the day and naturally prepares you for rest by removing blue light at night.
  • SCREEN MIRROR: The colors from your screen are reflected onto your lights for an immersive experience. Watch as your lights sync with the colors from your favorite movies and video games. Available through the Nanoleaf Desktop App. Update your lights to version 3.5.0 or newer for the best experience.
  • LIMITLESS COLORS + VIVID WHITES: Virtually limitless color options. Choose your favorite vibrant color or create color-changing Scenes for the perfect ambience. Get the brightest white lighting with extended temperature range from the coolest to warmest whites.
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Nanoleaf Essentials Smart A60 Bulb EU/ANZ- 800Lm E27 - White
Nanoleaf Essentials Smart A60 Bulb EU/ANZ- 800Lm E27 - White
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