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Stand out and stay comfortable with a wide range of flattering Italian-inspired clothing and accessories ranging from luxurious-feel Calzedonia leggings, lingerie, tights, and socks, to swimwear, beachwear, and more at Calzedonia online. Choose from various Calzedonia swimwear for women, including Calzedonia bikinis and swimsuits that are perfect for a trip to the beach. Or discover Calzedonia men’s swimwear and find a selection of swim trunks and briefs in a spectrum of punchy patterns and standout shades. Explore the Calzedonia online shop at today!


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Infused with Italian style, quality, and comfort, Calzedonia is the go-to brand for all your swimwear and underwear needs. Find a diverse range of lingerie products that suit your taste and conditions, or solve all of those what-to-wear dilemmas with sensational swimwear and beachwear just in time for summer. Coming in inspiring patterns and floral designs, you’re guaranteed to find something for him and her. If you’re searching for comfortable undergarments, you’re sure to find something here, with all types of Calzedonia lingerie and hosiery. Stay warm this winter with super opaque thermal tights in various colors, or wear essential tights that go with any outfit in nude and black colors. Or browse a range of sheer shaping tights that promise to make your legs look their best.


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Founded in 1986 by Sandro Veronesi in Verona, Italy, Calzedonia is an Italian fashion brand that specializes in providing high-quality leggings, socks, tights, swimwear, and pants for women, men, and kids. Today, Calzedonia has over 1,750 shops worldwide, including in Lebanon. Explore Calzedonia Lebanon and shop the latest women’s collections online.

1,097 Products Available