Shop cycling gear and accessories online at Azadea Lebanon. Explore our online cycle shop to find the best cycling equipment from Decathlon. Whether you're new to cycling or are looking to enhance your training, you'll find a range of cycling gear and equipment from brands like Rockrider, Triban and Btwin.

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Discover the latest selection of sports equipment, including cycling gear and bike accessories online at Azadea Lebanon and prepare to kickstart your fitness journey. With a number of must-have exercise products, like bikes and other cycling equipment, you can be sure to find a selection of best-selling cycling accessories that are perfect for you. Browse through a variety of cycling accessories designed with long-lasting and durable materials that will not fail you even if you ride across the most rugged terrain. The most recent and premium line of cycling accessories consists of everything from cycling smartphone mounts to cycling saddlebags, bicycle tires, helmets and so much more. Perfect for outdoor cycling, you can meet all of your cycling equipment needs when you see all that has to offer.


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Whether you're commuting to work, exploring a local route, or pedaling into a whole new area, having the right bike and accessories is absolutely essential. Azadea Lebanon offers a wide selection of bicycles for kids and adults, alongside an excellent array of cycling gear that can be adapted to suit you. With a range of bike attachments available to make your rides more convenient and secure, you’re always guaranteed to find the right equipment and hardware for your bike in order to elevate your cycling experience. It's clear how important it is for you to keep a calm head when cycling, which is why Azadea Lebanon's exclusive bike maintenance equipment and repair kits will ensure that you’ll never have to worry about your bike’s functionality again. Ideal for every kind of bike ride, these bike accessories can be used anywhere and at any time when you encounter any issues. If you need easy storage, consider the range of cycling bags for lightweight solutions that can be easily attached and removed from any bike.

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20 Inch Folding Bike - Tilt500, Blue

‎57,795,000.00 LBP ‎40,000,000.00 LBP 31% off

20 Inch Tilt120 Folding Bike, Grey Blue

‎47,540,000.00 LBP ‎33,000,000.00 LBP 31% off