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Get cycling shoes that combine comfort and efficiency to provide superior power transfer for energetic and passionate outdoor rides. At Azadea's online store in Lebanon, you can find a wide selection of bike shoes in different designs and colors to complement your bike and your cycling attire.

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Bike Footwear


If you're thinking about cycling, then you'll need the correct cycling shoes and footwear. At Azadea Lebanon, you will find a range of quality bike shoes in various styles and colors to complement your bike and offer you supreme style and comfort. Combine comfort with a firm and fitted pair of cycling shoes that provide a superior power transfer for an easy ride outdoors, on flat roads and mountains.


For outdoor biking or indoor cycling, it's essential to buy the correct cycling gear. Browse a selection of cycling shoes, biking shoes, cycling socks, cycling cleats, road bike shoes and spin shoes at Azadea.com. All guaranteed to help you maximise your output and enjoy the moment, you can find the ultimate pair that meets your needs.


Shop trending cycling shoes and benefit from the unbeatable price-to-quality ratio when you opt for EU 47 500 Sports Cycling Road Cycling Shoes or simply optimise your shoes with a range of compatible cycling cleats. Bike shoes offer more support, greater efficiency and allow for even more effective pedaling, whilst Unique Size Keo Compatible Cleat 0 comes in a unique size and with no angular float. It requires one pair of cleats, six screws, and six washers, as well as elastomer pads, to prevent sliding.


No cycling outfit would be complete without a pair of technical socks that are high in quality. The EU 43-46 900 Road Cycling Socks are crafted from excellent materials to provide tighter grip. With an elasticated band at the heel, arch of the foot, and tibia, fragile material for proper moisture balance. For more, be sure to check out the full range of bike footwear online at Azadea.com.