Boot Car Bike Rack Btwin 300 2/3 Bikes

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For transporting 2 or 3 bikes on your car's tailgate, depending on the car model (see instructions)

Easy to use.Make sure it is compatible with your car and your bikes!

Easy assembly / dismantling
Adjustable straps to fit the car. Quick to fold and put away.

Impact protection
Rubber pieces to protect the parts that touch the car

Bike safety
1 red strap for securing bikes together

Compact design
Folded:Width: 51 cm / 20 inches.Height: 75 cm / 29.5 inches.

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15 Customer Reviews
Boot Car Bike Rack Btwin 300 2/3 Bikes DECATHLON
Easy assemble, works on most vehicles, I’d say it holds two road bikes, it looks a push at 3 bicycles in all honesty. Put perfect for transporting both my bikes
Poor quality and design
I been using it for 2 years. It has scratched the bike a little. and the red strap degrades very fast. Losing colour, and after 2 years the strap finnaly broke.
It took about 30mins to work out for the first use but after then it’s quick to put up and holds bikes securely. The one thing I realised you need to watch is whether the pedals might move and end up scratching the body work. I use tape to stop parts of the bike moving relative to the frame.
DO NOT BUY - is not safe
Would not recommend this, do not feel safe using it, amazed it passed quality control! Literally everything that could be wrong was. Do not trust this when it could cause serious harm if it failed. Everything about it was put together the wrong way, the bike arm was upside down with padded bar pointing up not down, obviously altering the centre of gravity and contact point on the car. Fixed this by unscrewing and putting back on but this means the sighting connector, for setting correct angle of arm, is on the opposite side to the numbered wheel. The pre-threaded cable clips for the top of the boot had been threaded wrong and so were kinked and would not lie flat on the top of the boot. Fixed it by un-threading and re-threading which was a faff but fine. Then noticed that the clips on the bottom had been bolted on the wrong way and so were on the inside of the upright tube,against the car, and not the outside. Final straw for me. Fixable with a wrench and the allan key provided but at this point if they can literally put it all together wrong i'm concerned about the security of the stitching on the cabled and the strength of the cam buckles.
Very bad damage my break wire not stable bike move the break wire damage maybe cost me to repair.