Essential 420 Trampoline Protective Foam, Basic Green

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Designed for protecting the springs on your Domyos Essential 420 trampoline.

If your trampoline needs repair, give it a face lift with an original protective foam. It will protect the springs so you can continue to use it safely.

Impact protection
Thick foam for protecting your springs: 24 mm thick and 31.5 cm wide


Straight climbing shoe with flat profile; conforms to the foot's natural shape for added comfort,


We recommend you choose the same size as your normal size (or 1 size above if you want even more comfort). They should feel tight without hurting. If you are a beginner or starting to improve your skills, it's important they not be too tight (that they don't hurt) so that your food can develop mobility, strength, and proprioception,


Our first tip is to never machine wash your shoes. Thermal and mechanical pressure could damage them. We recommend that you wash them by hand, either with a sponge soaked in clean water or with a sponge soaked in soapy water (Marseille soap), being sure to air-dry them at a stable temperate and avoid drying them on a radiator or in full sunlight. We recommend washing them regula

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