Magnetic Petanque Boule Pick-Up

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Pick up your petanque boules without having to bend down.

Are you fed up with bending down to pick up your petanque boules Thanks to it powerful and solid magnet, this boule lifter makes it easy to lift up your carbon steel boules.

Ease of use
Say goodbye to knots with this anti-knotting cord!

Keep your product longer thanks to its durable metal and cord.

A magnetized buckle lets you hang the boule pick-up around your neck.


The 85 cm cord is the perfect length for reaching your petanque boules on the ground, without having to bend over.,


This product only lifts majority carbon steel boules. It will therefore not lift stainless steel petanque boules.,


Main part,Zinc Alloy: 100
Magnet,Steel: 100
Buckles,Zinc Alloy: 100
Rope,Polyester: 100

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