Climbing and Mountaineering Cordelette, Sky Blue

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2 mm diameter low-stretch cordelette for multiple backup uses in climbing, mountaineering, caving or working at height.

Essential for keeping your equipment, shoes, and accessories safe, or for all types of small handiwork projects.

Ease of use
Suitable for attaching accessories when climbing or mountaineering.

Breaking resistance
Can hold a maximum load of 80 Kg without breaking

Very lightweight: 2 g/m


This pole is compatible with the following tents- 2 SECONDS EASY FRESHandBLACK III (8357353)- 2 SECOND EASY III GREEN (8347887)-2 SECONDS 3 BLUE (8492687)-2 SECONDS 3 GREEN (8378284)-2 SECONDS 3 FRESHandBLACK (8357353)-2 SEC 2 XL FRESHandBLACK (8492483)-2 SEC 3 XL FRESHandBLACK (8492484),

We recommend getting a professional to check whether or not this part is compatible with your equipment.

The technicians at your local Decathlon workshop will be happy to assist you with replacing parts on your tent. Feel free to ask them for help!,


Width5 mm

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