Double climbing and mountaineering lanyard, Pacific Blue

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Designed to be used as a climbing relay on cliffs or to secure your rock climbing progress.

Dynamic lanyard with 2 arms of different lengthLonger arm is used for clip in to anchor and shorter arm is intended for use with belay device when abseiling.

Ease of use
simply attach to harness tie-in loop using a cow hitch

dynamic lanyard capable of absorbing a potential fall at a belay station

rubber part maintains carabiner in line of major axis for safety

2 strands of different lengths to facilitate safety and rappelling manoeuvres

Highlights & Specifications


Double climbing and mountaineering lanyard, Pacific Blue
Double climbing and mountaineering lanyard, Pacific Blue


Webbing,Polyamide: 100%

Color No Color
1 Customer Reviews
Good for multipitch abseil
Used this for multipitch abseil allowing quick clip in to the anchor while keeping the descender in place on the short arm - felt neater and less likely to get mixed up than a knotted sling .Also good as a general anchor for sport climbing re-thread etc. Probably a bit bulky for general UK trad where it is just as easy to use the rope. Couldn't get my HMS through the plastic retainer on the short arm so had to cut it off but still held it in place ok.