Explore a range of paddle equipment online and discover everything you need for stand-up paddle. Whether you're a beginner or experienced paddler we have accessories all the way from paddle standing boards to paddles. Shop our online collection today to enjoy your favorite stand-up paddle sports.

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Dive into the collection of stand-up paddle boards and accessories online at Azadea Lebanon and get ready to embark on a water adventure like no other. Stand-up paddleboard surfing is a popular water sporting activity that is loved by many water sport enthusiasts. Azadea Lebanon offers a range of products that provide you with the correct tools needed to maneuver and move in the water with ease.


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Discover a range of inflatable paddle boards for beginners who wish to explore magical waters and have the adventure of their lifetime. Once you deflate them, you can conveniently carry them in a bag, ready to use next time. For your utmost convenience, Azadea Lebanon also has a variety of collapsible paddles that are perfect for your paddleboarding adventures. They are easily adjustable to suit your height and usage, and can be enjoyed by everyone! Thanks to the removable handle that can fit in a bag or car trunk, you’ll never have to worry about storage or transportation again. Your inventory of stand up paddle boarding accessories wouldn’t be complete without a range of safety buoyancy vests. Featuring multiple pockets suitable for holding your essential belongings, these comfortable vests are equipped with adjustable straps to fit any individual. Wear as you head out on your brand-new stand-up paddle board from Itiwit and you’re sure to have a fantastic water experience.


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