Mini Massage Gun, Black

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Our Team Of Engineers And Designers Designed This Mini Percussion Massage Device To Facilitate Self-Massaging On Every Muscle Of The Body.

Easy Transport
A Mini, Practical And Highly Effective Format!

Deep Massage With 3 Intensities For Customised Use!

4 Interchangeable Massage Heads Tailored To The Needs Of Athletes.


Our Team Of Engineers And Designers Designed This Mini Percussion Massage Device To Facilitate Self-Massaging On Every Muscle Of The Body.

Highlights & Specifications


Mini Massage Gun, Black
Mini Massage Gun, Black

Why use a percussive massage gun?

How does percussive massage work? Basically, it's like a massage with a special hammer tool (sometimes known as tapping), but without the effort. It's the massage gun that creates the percussive movements, not you! The repeated movements help your muscles release tension. As a result,a deep self-massage that can help your muscles relax after a workout. Bonus feature this product has a brushless motor that makes it very quiet.,

Why a mini version?

To enjoy the benefits of percussive massage after a workout, using a device that slips easily into your sport bag. Or in your suitcase on your next trip! ;-)What's new? A smaller size and weight (435 g) for a more practical format, and the motor, which is slightly less powerful than the larger model. Although the massage is less intense and not as deep (7 mm), this mini massage gun supports effective post-workout recovery.,

Which muscles should you massage with a percussive massage gun?

All of them! From your neck to your feet, without any contraindications. It's easy thanks to the ergonomic grip of this massage gun. It features 3 percussive intensities that adapt to your level of sensitivity and the muscle size. Our advice one minute of self-massage per muscle group after your workout for active, fast recovery.,

How do you use this percussive massage gun?

Use it on muscles at rest (not contracted). Fit the massage gun with the appropriate head for the area you want to massage, and press with the gun. The massage gun does nearly all the work, but you can vary the pressure to increase or decrease the intensity. The harder you press the massage gun, the faster and more intense the percussive movement. It has just one button to turn it on, adjust the intensities, and turn it off. It couldn't be easier! ;-),

Why does the massage gun come with 4 different heads?

The massage gun comes with four different heads that are easy to swap out to adapt to every user's needs. The round head and the flat head can be used on the whole body. The round ball is especially good for large muscles. The double head is perfect for massaging between two muscles without going over the bone. There is also a head to work on your trigger points, those tight knots in your muscles.,

Precautions for use

Always read the instructions before use.The product is designed for home/private use only.Always consult your doctor if you wear a pacemaker or if you have any other health problems before using this device. It should never be used by children or on animals.,

Technical features

- Massage depth 7 mm- 3 percussive speeds 30, 40 and 50 Hz (+/- 2 Hz) or 1800/2400/3000 RPM- Minimum use duration 45 minutes- Charging time 4 hours- Weight 435 g (product alone)- Rechargeable Li-ion battery 2400 mAh, 10.8V // 26 Wh- USB input DC 18V 1A,composition


Chassis,Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene: 100
Motor,Steel: 60,Copper: 40
Bat,Lithium Complex: 100
Bearing,Stainless Steel: 100
Sliding bar,Aluminium: 100
Carry bag - Main fabric,Polyester: 100

Color No Color
Type running, triathlon, run-walk, recovery, bike-accessories, bike
Sport bicycle touring
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Decent for the price
Happy with it .good power and battery life.