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Discover our range of versatile kitchen appliances for all of your needs. Do you love drinking sparkling water, but hate having to pay the price? Choose a sophisticated sparkling water maker in a color of your choice and enjoy refreshing beverages whenever you desire. The minimalist design means that it doesn’t take up too much room on your countertop. The internal system has been overhauled, so it’s much safer to use. Plus, the steel nozzle minimizes overflow, while maximizing carbonation. Looking for a quick fix snack maker? Why not shop for a popular popcorn maker for a deliciously sweet snack that’s cooked to perfection? It features a 16-ounce storage compartment for kernels, so it reduces prep time. Simply press the button once for one serving and four times for a family serving. It doesn’t end here. Browse our kitchen range for more essentials such as cookware and baking tools, kitchen utensils and gadgets, and more!


Kitchen Appliances, Juicers & Waffle Machines  in Dubai


Make your own tasty breakfasts with our selection of waffle machines. Select a popular waffle maker featuring a non-stick coating that you can simply wipe clean when you’re done. Plus, the compact design means it’s not taking up a lot of room in the cabinet with the rest of your appliances. You can have yummy waffles any time you want with this appliance! There’s also a recipe guide if you want to try something new than just standard waffles. If that’s not your thing, you’ll also find a wide range of other exciting products. Discover the must-have juicer machine from Kuvings features a luxury sleek design, so it looks great on every countertop. It’s easy to clean and provides you with smooth, pulp-free juice. If you prefer veggie drinks, the Veggie Drink Maker from Lekue is really easy to use for deliciously healthy beverages. Simply add your veggies, soak, mix, filter and you’re good to enjoy! You can use the same container to store the excess drink in the fridge. For more storage options, check out our food storage range to find everything from bottles and flasks to tupperware.