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Camping Lights


Explore all kinds of camp lighting online at When you're camping, one of the most essential things to carry is a light source. When the sun sets and you're in the field, a flashlight can be your best friend, and without a light source, wading in the dark after the sunset can be risky and dangerous. At Azadea Qatar, we recognise the importance of quality camp lights and lamps and offer a selection of premium products from leading brands. With a selection of camping lanterns, headlamps and torches, has something for each and every hiker.


Azadea Qatar brings you a range of camp lights and lighting options to the path when outdoors at night. Browse through a range of lights at and stock up on small, powerful lights that aim to deliver enough light for one tent by giving it a homely touch. Here at we 're committed to providing you with all the camping and hiking equipment you need. Take advantage of other bright perks, like doorstep delivery, on-delivery payment and easy 30 days returns when you shop online at