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Discover an unmatched selection of roller skating equipment & scooter equipment in Qatar at Azadea's online store. Browse an endless range of skating gear from brands such as Oxelo, Bird, Decathlon, and Globber. Shop the collection now at affordable prices and find a range of products that suits your needs.

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Discover a range of the latest roller skates, scooters and skateboards for kids and adults when you shop top brands like Oxelo online at Azadea.com. Whether you’re enjoying a casual skating session at your local park, or are commuting to work on a state-of-the-art scooter, Azadea Qatar offers a variety of skates, scooters and skateboards for you to choose from. Shop an array of adult and kids skates for hours of fun that the whole family can enjoy.




Skating can be taken up by kids and adults, which is why on Azadea.com you’ll find a variety of roller skates to choose from. For beginners, you can choose plastic frame skates which have smaller wheels and bearings. As you get better, you can choose premium Oxelo skates that have advanced parts, frames, bearings, and wheels. Invest in roller blades that suit your skills and capabilities. If you wish to take up skateboarding, Azadea Qatar has got you covered. There is a wide variety of skateboards as well as protective gear like helmets and knee pads, you’ll be able to ride with confidence. For day-to-day fun, Azadea has a selection of skateboards and Oxelo scooters that are easy to handle and perfect for everyday use. You can opt for more advanced skateboards if you wish to use them for competitions and stunts! When it comes to protective gear, you’ll never have to compromise on quality again with one of Azadea’s best selling helmets. A mandatory accessory, the right helmet can be securely attached thanks to its adjustable straps and can help prevent serious injury. Likewise, knee pads play a pivotal role in protecting the skaters. Azadea has the best knee pads with thick plastic caps that stay in place and protect the knees. Also, these knee pads do not restrict body movement, which is key to skate perfectly.


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