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Shop our collection of hiking backpacks and backpacking bags to hold all of your hiking essentials. Discover generously sized hiking bags and rucksacks made with sturdy materials to withstand all kinds of weather conditions.

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Hiking Backpacks


Any individual who’s ever been on a camping trip knows the importance of the correct equipment. To carry the proper equipment, every camper needs a great hiking backpack. Buy spacious hiker’s backpacks only at Azadea.com and stock up on everything from transport travel bags, messenger bags and isothermal backpacks designed to keep your food and water fresh. 


Discover all that Azadea Qatar has to offer when you shop for backpacks for all ages and purposes. Whether it’s a day-long excursion, a hike or camping trip that will make you toil for a few days, Azadea.com is home to some of the best hiking backpacks in Qatar. The walking backpacks and trekking bags in this range are manufactured by some of your favorite brands like Quechua and Forclaz that have made their mark on the industry, meaning you’ll never have to worry about quality! 


All the rucksacks & hiking backpacks are designed to be highly comfortable for you and also optimal in terms of space. With adjustable shoulder and waist straps, you can ensure good distribution of weight around your body. So even if you’re carrying a heavy backpack, you’ll be able to tread on for longer. These backpacks are also compact, however, this does not compromise their capacity. These come with unique holders for your flasks and hiking poles. These bags also brag of great capacity with backpacks ranging from 5 litres for kids to 30 litres capacity. If you’re looking for a bag that also keeps your food fresh, then the Quechua 30L isothermal backpacking pack is for you. The bags are available in different styles and colors to make you the unique one in your group! Pair these with Azadea’s portable cookware and dinnerware and rest assured, you will have a comfortable time hiking! 


At Azadea, the trust is in providing unbeatable customer experiences. With a range of products to suit all of your wonderfully diverse needs, you can always rely on Azadea.com to solve all of your lifestyle demands.