Kid'S Discovery Inflatable Bodyboard, Sunflower

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Designed for children from 4 to 8 years old (15 to 2) to get used to waves and enjoy their first wave-riding experience. maximum depth to the navel.

inflatable bodyboard, easy to catch waves on the sea shore less than 50 cm under the supervision of an adult. new valve for inflation and deflation.

ergonomic grip

2 grips. do not wax. leash not included, available to purchase separately.

compact design

compact. inflation by mouth. new push-button valve.


different material which reduces the environmental impact by 38%.


preformed deck. for kids from 15 to 2 (4 to 8 years). do not wax.

glide performance

padded glide surface. do not overinflate. not suitable for adults.

How Do You Choose Your Bodyboard Size

The Size Of The Bodyboard Directly Influences Its Stability And Ease Of Handling. It Must Be Suited To The Size And Weight Of Its User. As Such, This Bodyboard Is Designed For Children Weighing Between 15 And 2, I.E. Between 4 And 8 Years Old.

A Bodyboard That Is Too Will Not Float Enough So You Will Miss Waves. A Bodyboard That Is Too Big Will Be Difficult To Handle.
Refer To The Size Chart To Help You Choose.
Not Suitable For Users Under 40 Kg. Only Use In Lifeguarded Swimming Areas.

At Radbug, We Design Products For 4 Levels. This Product Is Intended For Novices.

- Novices: Up To The Navel, No Fins, Waves Less Than 50 Cm, Propulsion By Pushing Your Feet On The Ground And Riding The Wave To The Shore. For A First Wave-Riding Experience (Bodyboard With Grips).

- Beginner: Gentle Turns In Waves Up

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