Adult Adult Ski Headband Timeless-White

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Wide and high coverage headband to keep your ears warm.

Chunky knit, fleece-lined headband that stays perfectly in place, covering the ears.

Fully fleece-lined headband for maximum warmth and comfort.

Compact design
It occupies relatively little space and fits easily in a pocket or backpack.

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Adult Adult Ski Headband Timeless-White
Adult Adult Ski Headband Timeless-White

What safety precautions should you take

We recommend all of them helmet, elbow pads, knee pads and wrist guards. Because you never know which bit of your body you're going to land on.,

How to adjust the size

See the little tongue on the front of the boot Simply move the rip-tab to the number you want. 1 for the smallest size, 2 for the middle size and 3 for the biggest. The space at the front of the foot is then freed up and you gain 2 sizes. Clever, eh ,

A learning tip from Laila, Play 5 skates product manager.

As parents, when our little ones start skating for the first time, our tendency is to hold both of their arms. It's an automatic reflex, but it's not actually a good idea. So how should you help your child Take them somewhere with a handrail and tell them to just walk with baby steps while holding the rail in one hand. They're sure to get ther

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15 Customer Reviews
Wife loves it
My wife loves this and says it keeps her ears warm as well as stopping the giant nest on her head from getting out of place in the wind.
Cute and a perfect fit
Great to keep your ears warm.
Functional and Looks Good
I bought this for walking in the winter as an alternative to a hat. It fits well, stays in place, keeps me warm and looks good.
My new favorite...
Super warm, comfortable and fits perfectly snug.
Good quality and cosy
However I am disappointed that the headband is quite tight. I’m of a slight build and hopefully with wearing it regularly for golf it will loosen a bit.Sorry I cannot recommend this.