Complete your camping adventure with one of our inflating mattresses or air beds. Perfect for enjoying a comfortable night's sleep under the stars, our inflating beds offer uncompromised support, allowing you to rest and recharge for the night.

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Explore a wide selection of portable hiking mattresses to give you home-like comfort and a good night’s rest on your next camping trip. When you are camping, the comfort of your mattress matters all the more and a good mattress will offer you a healing respite from your hiking itinerary and prepare you for more outdoor activity. When you shop online at, you’ll find a selection of inflatable camping mattresses designed to make your trips out in nature unforgettable.


Buy Inflating Mattresses Online in Qatar


Azadea Qatar brings to you its range of camping mattresses that have been manufactured with your comfort and ease of use in mind. These inflatable mattresses, made from only the best and the safest materials, provide great comfort and are the perfect addition to your tent. The polyester fabric is very soft to touch and can ensure good sleep. Invest in a comfortable air bed and pair it with a warm sleeping bag and a pillow for an unbeatable night’s sleep. Some of the air mattresses displayed online at Azadea also possess a laminated lining that adds to their water resistant nature. In addition, Azadea also offers auto-inflating mattresses that inflate on their own once set up. Mattresses with integrated air pumps are also at hand to serve you. You can also manually tinker with the amount of air to find your comfort range. Invest in a Quechua self-inflating mattresses that can be quickly inflated allowing you to enjoy the benefits of your inflatable bed in less than a minute and a half! If these air mattresses are not your thing, you can also find a collection of hammocks to provide you with the ultimate space to relax and unwind.


These air bed mattresses are extremely featherweight and come with carry bags to store them in. Once stored properly, they take only a little real estate in your backpack, meaning you’ll never have to compromise by leaving other camping furniture or kitchenware behind. intends to provide products that meet all of your needs, so be sure to shop online now.