500 Hard Massage Roller/Foam Roller S

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This roller is designed for self-massaging after sports. Give your muscles a deep massage using your own body weight..

Need to relax your muscles after sport? Forearms, calves, feet... Small and easy to slip into your bag, this roller is the perfect tool for an effective massage.

For several areas. Perfect for feet, calves and forearms massages

Ease of use
Allows self-massages.Used on the floor or on a table.

Easy transport
The compact design is easy to carry everywhere.

What's the 500 HARD SMALL massage roller/foam roller for

It provides a deep massage of your muscles using your body weight.Its hard, structured foam provides a deep, intense massage.The massage helps relax the muscles and promotes recovery.It has a compact design so that you can take it with you wherever you go, training or travelling,

How to use the foam roller

Don't hesitate to view the videos that explain how to use the roller for each muscle area that needs massaging.For an effective massage, use at least 5 minutes on each muscle group.,

What are the use precautions

For adults only. When using a massage roller for the first few times, it is common to feel some pain or experience some bruising. If the pain is intense and lasts a long time, consult your doctor.As to the bruising, it's only due to small blood vessels on the surface don't worry, this

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