Unique size Seat Stay/Chainstay Stand 500, Default

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We have designed this kickstand for parking a bike weighing no more than 25 kg (including luggage).

Take a break whenever you like. The seat stay/chainstay stand is easy to mount and easy to use, letting you stop absolutely anywhere.

The height can be adjusted without the need for tools.

Easy assembly / dismantling
Attaches using a 5 mm Allen key.

Able to support weights of up to 25kg (bike+load)


445 g

Where does it fix to your bike?

The seat stay/chainstay stand fixes to your bike's seat stay or chainstay (screws included).

Which kind of bike is it for?

Because there are so many different types of bike, frame shapes and bottom bracket heights, please seek advice from our sales assistants.


Structure,Aluminium: 100%

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