Casio G-Shock Ga-2100Rb-3Adr Analog-Digital Men's Watch Green

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G-SHOCK, a brand known for it’s unrivaled toughness has continued to evolve in durability and functionality since its launch in 1983, a true cultural icon since inception. With such a legacy, G-SHOCK connected with Rich Brian, an esteemed label mate at 88rising, to reinterpret a timepiece of his choice. The watch Brian gravitated towards is the rugged GA-2100. It pulls design and aesthetic queues from other watches within the G-SHOCK lineage and is known for its octagonal bezel and minimalistic design. Brian’s reinterpretation is inspired by a guitar he fell in love with as a young boy in Indonesia. The bold seafoam green base color is paired with the salmon pink accents, reminiscent of the guitar Brian spent his childhood obsessing over. To complete the design, Brian’s signature adorns the case back, almost as a dedication to his younger-self. In a way, his reinterpretation serves as a reminder of his origins and unrelenting pursuit of artisanship.

-Rich Brian

Growing up homeschooled in Indonesia, Rich Brian found the Internet to be his English teacher and window to the world beyond.

After moving to America alone at the age of 17, Brian has been both awed and humbled by his experiences, as they simultaneously smack him down to Earth and lift him up.

Brian’s debut project Amen, released in February 2018, garnered widespread critical acclaim and topped the iTunes* Hip-Hop charts, a first in history for an Asian musician.

2021 proved to be a triumphant year for Brian as he reached new heights in his career.

* iTunes is a trademark of Apple Inc.

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Casio G-Shock Ga-2100Rb-3Adr Analog-Digital Men's Watch Green
Casio G-Shock Ga-2100Rb-3Adr Analog-Digital Men's Watch Green
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