5 Rio Face Outdoor Volleyball, Dark Petrol Blue

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This ball has been developed by our design teams for playing recreational beach volleyball as a family or with friends.

Learn to play beach volleyball with our soft, comfortable ball while having fun with friends and family.

ball touch
A very soft, comfortable ball feel for reassuring contact.

Machine-stitched assembly of ball.

Limits absorption of water to up to 15% of the ball's initial weight.

A more pleasant ball feel.

The ball's soft, thick cover provides optimal comfort on repeated contact.,

Size and weight

This ball's size meets the official standards for beach volleyball Size 5 65 to 67 cm circumferenceWEIGHT Between 260 and 280 g.,


We really can't stress this enough a well-inflated ball is the key to (or at least a key part of) a great game! Make sure you properly inflate your ball by following our instructions.Did you know that a beach volleyball should be less inflated than an indoor volleyball !0.18 to 0.22 bars for a beach volleyball0.3 bars for a volleyballIf you don't have a pump with a pressure gauge, just touch it - it should be very soft and flexible to the touch.,


Our beach volleyball has been lab tested. The ball withstands 5,000 shots on a cement plate at a speed of

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