Adjustable Sandbag

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This sandbag has been specially developed for cross training by our design team.

Build your fitness using this adjustable sandbag (up to 35 kg). This sandbag has several handles so you can perform a range of functional exercises.

Can be adjusted to any weight you want up to 35 kg (sold empty)

Ergonomic grip
Handles that are comfortable for everyone to use.

Offers you a whole host of different exercises.

Withstands repeated impacts and abrasion against all types of surface (drops).

We've reduced our environmental impact with mass dyeing of this bag


This sandbag is composed of 1 large bag that can hold up to 4 sand-filled pouches.- two 5 kg pouches (can be used separately)- one 10 kg pouch- one 15 kg pouchThis sandbag can be any weight you want from 10 kg to 35 kg, depending on which pouch you use. You can train with just 5 kg by using one of the 5 kg pouches on its own without the main bag.,


The inner pouches need to be pre-filled with sand (available from most DIY stores).We recommend using sand with a grain size of 0-2 or 0-4 mm.We also strongly recommend using washed (cleaned and dried) sand (the same kind of sand that is used to fill kids' sandbags).There are markings on the outside of the pouches to show you where to fill to (see video),


This bag has been designed for doing cross-training and strength training indoors

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Utter brilliance
Have used dried sand to create 2kg and 1 kg pouches wrapped in cling film, I love that the bag extra bags inside that can be used as separate wieghts.
Excellent product
Wasy to fill with filling lines and very durable
Very good indeed....
...so far. Am using it with the 15kg and 10kg bags inside, leaving the 5kg bags outside for dumbbell-type use. When filling the bags, I recommend using a scales - when I first filled them, they cam in quite underweight. I switched the sand to a kids playsand, and that worked fine, got them pretty much exactly the weight they're advertised to take. The totally non-leaking sandbag is probably a creature of myth, but the sealing on the main bag has been excellent so far - probably helped by the fact that the big bags are well wrapped inside the main bag. The 5kg bags do have some leakage, the sand moves about a air bit inside. I think one improvement to the product would be to supply internal bags to go inside the 5kg bags. The other improvement I would make is, to give the 15kg and 10kg bags handles. On the subject of handles, I've used several different sandbags, and the handle placement on the main bag here is the best I've come across.