Auto Valve 24X1.7-2.2 Self-Sealing Bike Inner Tube - Schrader

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This inner tube allows you to continue cycling when a conventional inner tube would have gone flat.

24 self-repairing inner tube.The preventative liquid inside the inner tube instantly repairs punctures.

24 Schrader valve (large valve) bike tyres. ETRTO 44/57 - 507

Puncture resistance
The liquid in the inner tube seals small punctures (< 3mm).

Optimised composition to ensure your inner tube has a good seal.

How to choose your inner tube

Check the information indicated on the sidewall of the tyre (diameter and width). For example, 24 x 2% means your tyre is 24 inches in diameter and 2% inches in width.On the sidewall, you will also find the dimensions in mm in international ETRTO measurements.For example 50-507 means the tyre is 50 mm wide with an inner diameter of 507 mm (or 24 x 2%).,

Removing an inner tube

Remove the old inner tube using B'Twin tyre levers.,

Checks to carry out before installing an inner tube

Check the condition of your tyre and replace it if necessary.Make sure no objects are lodged in the tyre.Check the condition of your tyre rim strip. A rim strip that is even slightly bent can cause punctures.Check that your rim does not have any other issues that could damage your inner tube.,

Fitting your inner tube

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Kids like it and it fits well
inner tube
not yet used, but great value for money
Inner tube
Easily fitted great product
Tire tube popped
Installed it today and put air 50 psi and it popped. I don't know what happened. It just popped. I think I got defective parts. Will reach out to the customer service