2200 ml Water Bottle - Black

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Our weight training/cross training team created this GALLON WATER BOTTLE to keep you fully hydrated

We've all been there: you run out of water or sports drink before the end of your training. With its large 2.2 L volume, the GALLON WATER BOTTLE will see you through your workout. Ideal with BCAAs

Can hold up to 2.2 L of a sports drink: PREWORKOUT, BCAA, etc.

Complies with standards

Our GALLON WATER BOTTLE complies with all current French regulations.,

Usage Tips

Rinse 3 times before first use.,


Bottle/Body,Polyethylene Terephtalate: 100%
Handle,Polyethylene Low Density: 100%
Complementary parts,Polypropylene: 100%
Strap,Polyester: 100%
Lining,Silicon: 100%

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