EU 25 Ballet Full Sole Demi-Pointe Canvas Shoes Sizes 8C to 7 - Salmon, Bisque

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These canvas full sole demi-pointe shoes are ideal for beginner ballet dancers of all ages.

Looking for comfortable and practical ballet shoes? Canvas full sole demi-pointes provide stability while the pre-stitched elastics make them practical.

Canvas hugs the shape of your foot.

Ease of use
The elastic is already stitched onto the shoes.

The drawstring can be adjusted for a better fit.

Easy maintenance
Hand wash, do not tumble dry.

Why wear full-sole demi-pointe shoes?

Full soles are recommended for ballet beginners of any age. They support the foot to prevent the ankles from rolling.The full sole makes learning to dance ballet easier. However, you should always follow your teacher's recommendations.

Why choose canvas dance shoes?

The choice of leather or fabric usually depends on your teacher.However, it's also a matter of comfort and preference. Canvas demi-pointes can be washed by hand and line dried to keep them in good condition. The leather sole ensures product durability over time.

What are the drawstrings for?

The drawstring can be adjusted for a better fit.To adjust, remember to pull each side of the cord at the same time to avoid losing the end.Once you get the fit you want, tie the cord and cut off the excess length, tucking the ends into your shoe.Always remember to do this every time you wear them!s4

Choosing the right size

When you choose your shoes, the important thing is for your toes to be supported but not squashed! Your toes should be comfortable in the slipper and not feel stiff. However, you should feel supported. For canvas slippers, we recommend choosing your normal shoe size. To check your size, stand up and go up and down on the demi-pointes several times to see how your toes feel.s5

That little extra for carrying your shoes

A small pouch for storing all your accessories is available in the dance aisle. It has one compartment for storing your chignon kit, plasters, rosin, and other items.There is a second zipped compartment on the bottom for storing your slippers separately.


Upper of,Cotton: 100%
Outer sole of,Leather - Bovine: 100%
Lining and sock of,Cotton: 100%

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