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Extra Large Women Snowboard And Ski Jacket SNB JKT 100, Deep Chocolate Truffle

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Snowboard enthusiasts developed this jacket for learning to snowboard. Its fit is designed to accommodate a back protection.

Snowboard enthusiasts have developed this jacket to discover snowboarding. Its fit is designed to accommodate back protection.

Components resists abrasion, tearing and traction force.

3000 mm coating; Main seams are taped

Freedom of movement
Regular fit, better freedom of movement even with a back protector.

Recycled PES wadding 80 g/sqm on the body and 60 g/sqm on the sleeves and hood

Breathable component that facilitates perspiration wicking. (RET = 9.4)

Adjustable cuffs, adjustable hood

4 pockets: 2 hand, 1 chest, 1 inside pocket. Integrated ski pass holder

To help you choose the right size

The model on the photo is wearing a size M and measures 176 cm.Their body measurements areChest measurement 88.5 cmWaist measurement 70 cmArm length 57 cm

How does my product warranty work?

This product is guaranteed for 5 years from the date shown on the sales receipt. A product covered by the warranty will be repaired or exchanged free of charge. The warranty covers product defects, excluding those resulting from normal wear and tear and improper use.

How can I be sure that my jacket is strong and durable?

We guarantee our products 5 years and will repair it with local professionals if you unfortunately damage it. Contact us on our website to find out more about what you need to do to have your product repaired.We take particular care in choosing all the elements and assemblies that make up our products, so that they are as durable as possible for snowboarding use.s4

Can I compare the products' environmental impact?

The product's environmental footprint is calculated over its entire lifespan using various indicators. A score is assigned, from A to E, to help you easily identify the most eco-friendly products by comparing similar type products. Decathlon is committed to this approachFind all our sustainable initiatives at http//developpement-durable.decathlon.coms5

Can I be sure my jacket will protect me well in bad weather?

To tackle bad weather (rain, snow, wind, etc), the jacket was developed with a component and assembly that prevents water from getting in and reduces wind chill. To confirm waterproofing, this product was placed under a ially designed shower that reproduces the conditions encountered by a snowboarder in the field. Finally, we have spent a few days snowboarding, in all conditions, to validate the waterproofing of the product.s6

Water often gets in through the seams. Does my jacket have taped seams?

In addition to the waterproof fabric, we reinforce the waterproofing of the jacket with taped seams. The adhesive and waterproof strips are placed on the seams inside the clothing to make it perfectly watertight. On this product, these waterproof seams are used in the areas the most exposed to the snow (hoods, shoulders).s7

Why is my jacket water repellent?

The water-repellent feature makes water run off the fabric without seeping in thanks to a treatment applied to its outer surface. The fabric does not soak up water and stays light and warm. This treatment must be renewed during the life of the product, after 2 to 3 washes on average, using the products available in our stores. All the waterproof jackets that we design for snowboarders are water repellent.s8

Coated jacket what are the advantages of this coating?

A breathable coating is a coating applied to a fabric in the form of a paste or liquid which creates a protective film. The breathable coating is a waterproof barrier that lets through water vapour produced by the body when snowboarding.s9

How will my jacket keep me warm?

To keep you warm, we use wadding insulation. Wadding is a synthetic component made from polyester which stores more or less air, depending on the length of the fibres. There are standard, technical and silicon coated waddings that have distinct properties (warmth, lightweight, elasticity...). We use 100% recycled wadding to reduce the environmental impact of the product.0

How should you dress to avoid feeling cold on the slopes?

In order to keep warm and dry, we recommend using the 3-layer rule. The principle is simple wear 3 layers of clothing, which each have a ific function. Your undergarment must produce and retain warmth. Your hoodie or sweatshirt keeps you warm and the jacket protects you from the weather. All these layers should be breathable in order to evacuate humidity.1

How do I look after my product?

To optimise the performance and durability of your product, we recommend Machine wash separately at 30آ°C. Synthetic cycle. Turn the product inside out. Use a small amount of detergent. No softener. We recommend you wring it by hand. Dry on a hanger in a warm, well-ventilated place. Do not dry clean. Do not place on a radiator. You can restore the water resistance of the outer fabric using a fabric waterproofing spray. Read the care label.2

Why is the water-resistance value on the website different from the one printed inside the jacket?

We designed our jacket by choosing a technical coating that ensures waterproofness of 5000 mm when you buy it. After each wash the becomes less efficient, which is why we also test the product to guarantee optimal waterproofing even after 5 washes. This value of 3000 mm after 5 washes is printed inside the jacket, so that the information remains true even in a few years when you sell your product.


Padding,Polyester: 100%
Main fabric,Polyamide: 100%
Main lining,Polyester: 100%
Coating,Polyurethane: 100%

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