Gas Stove With Piezo - Trek 100

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Our trekking designers designed this simple and user-friendly stove for preparing your meals during treks and hikes.

Integrated piezo ignition, no need for a lighter!Robust, simple & very user-friendly screw stove. It will be well protected in your backpack with its carry box. A super-affordable price

Actual power: 2 200 watts. Boiling time for 1 litre of water: 3m 48s

158g/h or 1h27 with a Decathlon 230g screw cartridge

Butane-propane mixing screw cartridges according to norm EN417

Ease of use
Built-in piezo.Weight 184gCarry box included (+104 g)


This stove meets standard EN521.This stove is for exclusive use with the 100g, 230g and 450g Decathlon - Forclaz butane/propane cartridges.The Decathlon cartridges comply with the EN417 standard and are compatible with the Trek 100, Trek 500 Light & Trek 500 Remote Decathlon - Forclaz stoves.Read the instructions and precautions for use attached to the stove.

Setting up the stove and connecting a gas cartridge

To set up a gas cartridge, always do so in a ventilated place, preferably outdoors and never near a flame, heat source, spark, individuals or flammable .Check that your stove's gas inlet is properly closed and check the location and condition of the leakproof seal.Make sure that the cartridge is on a stable flat surface. Do not shake.

Setting up the stove and connecting a gas cartridge (continued)

Hold the device and screw in the cartridge b

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Compact lightweight stove
Love this it's only had 2 outings and hasn't disappointed. Heats up 500ml of water in no time (on a low flame) and packs away easily into my bike packing kit
Great little stove, solid, comes in a sturdy plastic case, 10 year warranty, reasonably priced. My mate has a different more expensive stove that has fold out feet and a cable that connects to canister that I've used loads of times when fishing and his isn't any better than mine. I used mine 6 times last week and I'm very happy with it
Wow. Quick.
Stove arrived yesterday and used tonight out in the woods to brew a cuppa. Quick. 400mls of water to a rolling boil in under 2 minutes. Coming from a Trangia that is brilliant.