Unique Size Multi-position Desert Trekking Chair - DESERT 500 brown, Brown

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Annoyed by not being able to sit comfortably during desert treks? Our design team has developed a chair that is both comfortable and compact

At last a compact and extremely comfortable chair to go with you everywhere! With its adjustable straps, it can also turn into a lounger or mattress!

Ripstop fabric on the seat of the chair provides increased resistance

User comfort
The chair provides good back support and has a sitting height of 58cm

Compact design
Folded volume: 5.65 litresDimensions: 12 x 12 x 58 cm

Don't worry if the chair poles break, we can repair them!

This chair turns into an extra lounger or mattress for a siesta

This chair only way 555 grams!

This chair is compatible with the Desert 500 backpack.

How much space does the chair take up in my bag?

This chair is designed to be carried in a 30 litre bag and can be transported in cabin baggage, for example.Once rolled up, it only takes up 5.6 litres of space and only weighs 555 grams.

How to adjust my chair?

On first time use, it is advised to tighten the straps to the maximum and to sit with outstretched legs. The legs serve as a counterbalance.Once you feel well supported, you can adjust the 2 levers for the back recline bend the legs and release the straps.You will soon find the position that suits you best!

Can I wash my chair?

You can remove the chair's cover to wash it. You just need to apply a little force to remove the frame. If you find it too difficult, you can always use a small tool (a key, for example) to lever it up and remove the frame.To put it back on, use the same tool in the opposite way.s4

How to fold away the chair?

Open all the buckles and lay the chair flatFold it in 2 by putting the beige sides against each otherAdjust the 2 parts of the brown buckles.Roll the mat lengthways leaving the female part of the buckle free.Then clip the 2 brown buckles together.


Main fabric,Cotton: 35%,Polyester: 65%
Lower part - Main fabric,Polyester: 90%,Polyurethane: 10%
Foam,Foamed Polyethylene: 100%
Webbing,Polypropylene: 100%

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