3.20 M Essential Football Agility Ladder - Fluo Blood Orange

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Our football product designers created this agility ladder for footwork coordination exercises at home or in a club.

Pick up the pace! Whether for training at home or for players at a club, this uniquely shaped 3.2 m agility ladder is a must for football.

The semi-rigid material means the agility ladder will survive being stepped on.

Your ladder stays in place: the semi-rigid rungs reduce the chance of slipping.

The neon colour makes your ladder more visible.

Packaging reduced to the essentials in order to limit its C02 impact by 65%.

The Essential range and our take on our training.

We watched players on the pitch and spent a lot of time talking to coaches to establish their needs for setting up drills marking points on the ground, dodging, etc. To meet these needs, we designed the Essential range. It's made up of clever, affordable products that fulfil a major function (marking out drills, creating targets, etc.) to help you run fun, effective training sessions for all age groups. The ladder trains you to dodge obstacles. Follow the story!

Our football design team explains the Essential range's identity

When designing the Essential range, we wanted to give the products a sense of motion. That's why we added a directional at to each product. Every item has an arrow to mark it out as part of the range. On the agility ladder, the rungs are therefore all curved in the same direction. It's intuitive and fun, even for younger kids. The arrows show you when to accelerate and when to slow your steps.

Dimensions and a design for more effective training.

The Essential agility ladder is 3.2 m long and is composed of 7 rungs spaced 51 cm apart. We'll leave our design team to explain whyThe dimensions and spacing let you set up movements without them being too long, even for kids. We also wanted a basic, affordable product that's easy to store and use so that you don't end up wasting time at training sessions. The agility ladder, your the and you're ready to go!s4

Reliability and durability tested on the pitch

Having a distinctive, recognisable shape is important. But improving at training while staying safe is our priority. This is why we've checked the durability of the agility ladder during demanding tests. We put the ladder's rungs and their unusual shape through their paces at the Kipstadium in Tourcoing to make sure they're durable and stable. The result? The ladder doesn't move or get damaged during drills.s5

David, Test Manager for Kipsta, tells us about the agility ladder

The agility ladder has become an essential for football and individual training. Improve your coordination to become a better football player! You'll also be better balanced with faster feet. It gives you exactly the kind of footwork skills you need for football. And there are more than 80 drills you can do with this agility ladder! When you buy it, we'll send you an email with some videos to inspire you.s6

An eco-designed product

The environment is something that is very close to our hearts, and so we worked hard throughout the development process to reduce the environmental impact of our essential ladder. Based on our modular ladder, we retained the most essential elements to create a simple, effective ladder. We decreased its weight of the ladder by 250g, and this ladder is 99% polypropylene. We also removed the bag and replaced it with cardboard packaging.s7

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Frame,Polypropylene: 100%
Strap,Polypropylene: 100%
Buckles,Brass: 100%

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